CIP Code(s) 50.0402
SOC Code (s) 27.1024

A large percentage of advertising for modern promotion and merchandising is done through the medium of Advertising Art and Design. The purpose of this course is to be viewed as a prelude for the student to advance on to post-secondary training at colleges and art schools. Students will prepare a portfolio throughout the program to promote their work and talent when they graduate. The major emphasis is on the basic principals of design, typography, color, development of skills, exploring media and Advertising Art and Design practices. Special emphasis is placed on manual illustration and layout skills in the area of art production, technical features of design, layout and composition, and color theory. Students will prepare graphic and advertising projects from the idea stage through to pre-press. The students will be using industry software throughout this course learning basic skills to advance.


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Certifications and Skills: Student Occupational Competency Testing (NOCTI)

Pennsylvania utilizes two methods of measuring the occupational competency of career and technical education students. The method assessment is from the National Occupational Competency Testing Institute (NOCTI).

Click on the following link for comprehensive information on assessments used in career and technical education in Pennsylvania and the Pennsylvania Skills Certificate: A Guide to Student Occupational Competency Testing (PDF).

Students who successfully meet the state's requirements are awarded a Pennsylvania Skills Certificate. This certificate is an important addition to their portfolios when exiting the secondary career and technical education program.

For more information about career and technical education testing, visit Student Occupational Competency Testing in Pennsylvania.

 Advertising and Design Certificate

To provide students with credentials that validate their mastery of competencies, and to help meet government education requirements, GAERF and SkillsUSA have established a partnership to offer online PrintED/SkillsUSA Skill Connect Assessments. These examinations test technical skills and knowledge with interactive questions enriched by animations, videos, drawings and photographs.

Students who receive passing scores on the assessments will receive co-branded
GAERF/SkillsUSA certificates that display GAERF, PrintED, and SkillsUSA logos

 PrintEd Advertising & Design Certification
 The competencies in this accreditation area prepare students for careers that communicate ideas
and information to the public. It may be applied in any media, such as print, digital media, motion graphics, animation, product design, packaging, etc. Most of the competencies require students to combine text and graphics to communicate an effective message in the design intended for commercial reproduction. Students are also expected to use industry software, design concepts, principles and processes to manipulate text and graphics, utilize and output appropriate file formats for web and print and meet client expectations.
 Introduction to Graphic Communications
 The competencies in this accreditation area require that students are competent in their overall understanding of the industry and its major operations, and have the fundamental measurement, math, and interpersonal skills needed for starting a career. The competencies are broken into 11 subsections: introduction, digital file preparation, image capture, color theory, digital file output, press operations, bindery operations, measurement, safety and first aid, basic math, and job application and interpersonal skills. All competencies are theory-based and require students to list, describe, identify, and/or calculate production-related issues, rather than actually demonstrate performance.
*All programs must be accredited in this area.
  Demonstrate proficiency on the Pennsylvania System of School Assessment
  Keystone Exams
 The Keystone Exams are end-of-course assessments designed to assess proficiency in the subject areas of Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Literature, English Composition, Biology, Chemistry, U.S. History, World History, and Civics and Government.

The Keystone Exams are one component of Pennsylvania’s new system of high school graduation requirements. Keystone Exams will help school districts guide students toward meeting state standards.